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Mojito Snowplow Storage overview

This component allows you to collect experiment events and perform the necessary data modelling for Mojito R Analytics reports and other tools.

There are two parts to this component:

  1. Events (./events): Self-describing events emitted from experiments, comprised of JSON schemas and Snowplow JSON Paths / Redshift tables
  2. Data models ./redshift-datamodels: SQL data models for attributing conversions back to variant exposures in reporting


To make use of this out of the box, you'll need:

  • Snowplow running with Redshift as a storage target
  • Snowplow's SQL Runner app

It's possible to do this without the above, but you'll need some heavy modification.

Getting started#

Add the events to your Iglu and setup your data modelling steps in SQL Runner:

  1. Add JSON schema to your Iglu
    • This is required for event validation and shredding during enrichment
  2. (Redshift only) Put the JSON paths files in your JSON paths folder
    • If running Redshift, this maps the JSON keys to your table fields
  3. (Redshift only) Create the tables in Redshift for loading shredded events
    • If running Redshift, this is the table definition that shredded events will populate
  4. Setup SQL Runner to load your report tables each day (Redshift data models)
    • This step creates the data model used for reporting

Future work#

We intend to support GCP/BigQuery in the future as we need, but for now, we only support Redshift.

Get involved#

Let us know if you encounter any issues and reach out to us if you need a hand getting set up.