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· 2 min read

Today we released a new minor version of Mojito JS Delivery - v2.4.0. The changes won't have a significant bearing on the contents of the split testing containers built by Mojito but it includes a significant change to the test suite, targets and build pipeline.

The changes for this version include:

· 3 min read

The focus of this release was a series of optimisations that allowed us to cut minified container weights by a huge 0.29KB for Mojito JS Delivery. Despite the large savings, we've retained the same behaviour in the library as before.

Here's a comprehensive summary of the changes you'll find:

· One min read

We've now created a new dedicated resource for Mojito documentation and guides. This site should help new and existing Mojito users with making the most out of Mojito.

We intend for this site to host resources such as:

  • Getting started with Mojito
  • Detailed documentation
  • Mojito release announcements
  • Showcasing unique usecases and the users of Mojito

To contact us, you may like to reach out to us at Mint Metrics. You can also follow / contribute to the Mojito Documentation through the website git repo here.