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Release: Mojito JS Delivery v2.4.0

· 2 min read

Today we released a new minor version of Mojito JS Delivery - v2.4.0. The changes won't have a significant bearing on the contents of the split testing containers built by Mojito but it includes a significant change to the test suite, targets and build pipeline.

The changes for this version include:

Move from PhantomJS to Puppeteer for running the Mocha test suite

PhantomJS has served us well over the years, being a stable and reliable target for running our test suite for CI. However the project and its dependencies are not actively maintained and could therefore .

In contrast to this, Puppeteer (and the popular fork Playwright) are very actively maintained by Google and Microsoft. As Puppeteer has been used in production environments for years and uses Chrome Headless, we expect this will also be a stable and reliable target.

Puppeteer logo

Bumping packages, test suite targets and pipeline runners

To keep the library up to date and remove any glaring security vulnerabilities, we decided to upgrade many older node packages used in Mojito.

Also a part of this release, we've upgraded the BitBucket Pipeline's runner image to atlassian/default-image:3 and the GitHub Actions test suite now runs tests against node versions 12.x, 14.x, 16.x. This will help ensure future development supports the versions of node that Mojito users are running locally.